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Although technically an unincorporated community in Harris County, TX, Hockley TX has much to offer those who are looking for an energetic, engaging, quiet small town community. Hockley is home to a robust population, which means you will easily be able to find homes with acreage for sale throughout this community. Acreage homes for sale in Hockley can cover a number of possibilities, but you will want to keep in mind that this is one of the pricier communities to be found just outside of Downtown Houston.

Homes tend to sell at prices starting in the 300, 000 range. As you can imagine, homes with acreage have the potential to go for quite a bit more than that. This can be particularly true for those searching for huge homes with acreage enough for horses or other animals. Still, with some truly stunning ranch-style and other types of homes for sale in Hockley TX, it is easy to see why the demand for this area continues to be quite high. These properties come with a ton of benefits, beyond the fact that homes with acreage for sale can give you a good deal of unrestricted land to do with as you please.

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Hockley TX Homes With Acreage For Sale

Hockley offers great schools, grocery stores, shopping, and much more. Furthermore, since you are part of the larger metropolitan area that includes Downtown Houston, the acreage homes for sale in this area will easily connect you to other cities and towns. Simply put, whether you are an individual, part of a couple, or the head of a family, you can find appealing possibilities in Hockley. The homes themselves will be a flawless marriage of form and function. At the same time, they will make it easy to get everything you need from the place you would call home.

The homes with acreage for sale in Hockley TX also make it really easy to get to Downtown Houston as needed. If you are looking for a place to live that will also give you an easy commute to and from Downtown Houston each day for work, these homes with acreage for sale are going to give you a perfect opportunity. You will also find that this community and these homes are great for those who want to kick up their feet and relax. You can find private lake access, large ranch spaces, and much more.

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"Acreage Homes For Sale | Hockley, TX"