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With a population of more than ten thousand, and homes selling for prices that start in the range of 340, 000 dollars, it is easy to see why the homes with acreage for sale are so popular throughout Tomball TX. This is a community that offers all of the comforts and necessities you would expect from your immediate surroundings. At the same time, you also have the acreage homes for sale on their own terms. These are stunning ranch-style and customized homes that can cover thousands of square footage easily. There are even larger options than that. Many of the homes for sale in Tomball can include acreage of unrestricted land.

For some people, this is where the idea of living in Tomball TX is something that becomes really, really exciting.

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Tomball TX Homes With Acreage For Sale

Part of the Houston metropolitan area, Tomball nonetheless enjoys a nice element of distance from the busiest parts of Houston. At the same time, the homes with acreage for sale in this city offer you a straight shot to everything Downtown Houston features, including massive employment centers, restaurants, shopping, parks, sports, and much, much more. Many would say that when it comes to work and play in this part of Texas, Downtown Houston is definitely the right place to be.

With the acreage homes for sale in Tomball, you will be able to get to all of that in less than an hour. This makes Tomball perfect for those who need to be able to use Houston on a weekly or even daily basis, but who also want to have a quiet, peaceful place to get away from that as needed. Tomball will give you all of that, and it also gives you the benefits of living in this fantastic community. Tomball TX is supported by the Tomball Independent School District, and that includes some of the best schools in the state. You will also love that in terms of things like grocery stores, local shops, chain retailers, parks, and other essentials, you are going to find a number of options throughout Tomball. This effortlessly charming community also puts you in close proximity to a number of lakes, golf courses, and hiking trails.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, as well as several more, it is well worth repeating that the homes with acreage for sale throughout Tomball are ideal for just about anyone.

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"Acreage Homes For Sale | Tomball, TX"