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With a city population of 82, 000, there is no question that Conroe TX is an impressive on its own terms. At the same time, Conroe also enjoys a close relationship to and proximity with Houston. In particular, living in Conroe comes with the benefit of being able to get to Houston in hardly any time at all.

But that is far from the sole benefit of living in Conroe. Located in Montgomery County, along the Downtown Houston-Woodlands-Sugarland metropolitan area, Conroe has much to offer those who are looking for unique, gorgeous homes. If you are looking for unrestricted land for sale, you can find it. If you are eager to find ranch properties, or homes in gated communities, Conroe can give you both of these things. If private road access is something that really appeals to you, there are options throughout Conroe that can meet these needs. Supported by exceptional schools, with connections to some of the best golf courses, lakes, shopping malls, and hiking trails in the state, there is a lot about living in Conroe TX that is worth getting excited about.

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Conroe TX | Gated Community, Private Road Access | Homes For Sale

With selling prices for homes in Conroe starting in the range of 325, 000 dollars, the gated and ranch options throughout Conroe can prove to be ideal for a variety of budgets and tastes. There are a number of French-style homes, colonial homes, custom homes, and more within Conroe, and there are numerous properties that offer perks like unrestricted land and private road access. The range of options for those who have very specific needs, in terms of what they want in a home for sale in Conroe TX, is just the beginning of what this community has to offer.

One of the best things about Conroe is the fact that you will find it offers a wonderfully diverse community, in addition to the fantastic range of homes in gated communities and elsewhere. Whether you are looking to slow down with your own horse ranch, or if you are looking for a city that is perfect for families of all shapes and sizes, Conroe is going to please you with its current real estate market. Remember as well that this community is supported by the renowned Conroe Independent School District. Also keep in mind your close proximity to some of the best golf courses and lakes in the state.

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