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Private road access and gated community homes are just two of the possibilities with Hempstead TX. You can find a number of ranch-style homes for sale, as well. The possibilities are versatile and impressive with Hempstead, and you will find selling prices starting in the neighborhood of nearly 182, 000. There are properties with considerably more acreage, featuring large lot sizes, and these are naturally going to be much more.

Still, the range of options throughout this community is impressive, to say the least. As you appreciate the diversity in the types of properties that you can find here, why not also take a moment to appreciate the benefits of Hempstead TX?

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Located in Waller County, the range of homes that are available in this area is certainly one of the major reasons why so many flock to this community in the first place. In addition to gated community houses and private road access houses, you can find some unique ranch home options for sale, as well. Furthermore, with prices starting so low, when compared to some of the other towns and cities that can be found just outside of Houston, you can almost certainly find something here that will strike you as being perfect for your needs.

Hempstead appeals to those who want to slow down, and appreciate the finer things in life. This community can also appeal to those who want to own some horses, raise a family, or even do both of those things. You can find a variety of properties that offer perks like private road access with unrestricted land. If you dream of a ranch home in a luxurious gated community, you can find those properties, too. The possibilities aren’t actually endless, but you are certainly going to feel like they are.

Hempstead TX appeals to families for a number of reasons. Not only will you have access to one of the best school districts in the region, but you will also have just about everything else you might want from a small, community-minded town.

You are also going to have remarkably straightforward access to Downtown Houston. Whether you need the Inner Loop for a chance to unwind on the weekends, or if you need Downtown Houston for the Energy Corridor, the Galleria, or any of the other major employment centers in Houston, Hempstead will be able to give you exactly what you want.

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