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With just twenty-five miles separating a horse property for sale in Cypress TX from the wonders of Downtown Houston, it is difficult to imagine you are truly living outside of the chaos of the city. Yet here you are, and Cypress has a wonderful reputation for offering citizens a community very much unto itself. At the same time, you have one of the most straightforward commutes to Downtown Houston to be found anywhere. If you need a home that will make it easy to get to Houston for work and play, the horse properties and other types of homes for sale in Cypress will be able to accommodate you.

Cypress is one of the most impressive examples of the unincorporated communities that can be found in the area surrounding Houston, which is saying something. Beginning in the 1990s, larger commercial and residential developments began to spring up all over the place. The end result in the present day is a city of more than 160, 000. This makes Cypress TX one of the larger unincorporated communities in this part of the area. At the same time, Cypress is still very much a close-knit community, offering some of the best schools in the state for all grades/age groups.

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Cypress TX Horse Property For Sale

Any horse property for sale in this area will be highlighted by gorgeous exteriors, plenty of acreage for horses, and floor plans ideal for families or individuals. The mid-200, 000 range is where you will begin to see some of the smaller horse properties. These can be great for those who only have one horse, have no plans to get more, but would still like space enough for everyone and everything to be comfort. Not surprisingly, you can find a number of horse properties throughout Cypress TX that offer sprawling estates with acreage enough for many horses. As you can imagine, these homes tend to sell for one million or more. Some homes can sell for as much as three or four million. However, this is not the rule for Cypress.

In addition to the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, Cypress has much to offer in the way of local shops, major retailers, restaurants, bars, parks, hiking trails, golf courses, cafes, libraries, and much more. Cypress TX in the present is already one of the best ways to live in Houston, without having to actually live anywhere in the actual city of Houston.

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