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If you are interested in finding a horse property for sale in Hockley TX, you are going to find a number of different options to consider. Prices for horse properties in this area can run from 500, 000 or more, with many going for prices in the 700, 000 range, but it isn’t going to take very long to see and appreciate the benefits of living in this area. This is an unincorporated community that can be found along US 290.

Situated in Harris County, Hockley enjoys a nice proximity to Houston TX. In particular, you are going to love the fact that any with any given horse property in Hockley, you are going to be just thirty-six miles from Downtown Houston. This makes Hockley an ideal destination for those who need to be close to Houston, but would prefer to have the ability to detach from one of the busiest cities in one of busiest states in the U.S. as needed. Any horse property for sale you will find here will give you the ability to do exactly that. Hockley TX is definitely an area that provides residents with everything they might expect from a thriving community.

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Hockley TX Horse Properties For Sale

At the same time, you are also less than thirty minutes away from the Energy Corridor, which is one of the largest employment centers in Houston. If you need to get to one of the many essential Houston destinations that can be found along the Inner Loop, you will love the fact that a horse property for sale in Hockley TX is going to be less than forty minutes from everything the Inner Loop has to offer. This is what we mean about having a home that lets you remain separated from the city, while still being able to get to the city without too much trouble.

You will be able to take advantage of all of this with homes that emphasize style, durability, and luxury. These are homes with generous floor plans, and more than enough acreage to keep one or more horses. You can find a number of ranch-style homes in this fashion, but horse properties in Hockley can run a gamut of home styles. The larger estates in particular are quite unique.

Hockley is expected to continue its slow, steady growth over the coming years. This is a destination with much to offer families, couples, or those who want to slow down a bit.

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"Horse Property For Sale | Hockley, TX"