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The horse property for sale options throughout Waller TX can be ideal for a number of different tastes and needs. Whether you need enough space for one horse or several, Waller and the surrounding areas can prove to give you a range of properties worth looking at. This would be the essential combination of a gorgeous home with spacious lot, combined with enough acreage for animals. You will find that Waller can meet these needs, with prices on these properties stopping just shy of the one million dollar mark. This gives Waller the distinction of having some of the most affordable options for horse properties outside Houston TX.

Living in Waller TX means being able to enjoy everything about this multifaceted, endlessly charming city has to offer. There is a decided small town energy and atmosphere to Waller, which makes any horse property for sale particularly attractive to those who want a quiet reprieve from the day-to-day noise and clamor of Downtown Houston. If you need to get to Downtown Houston each day for work, it stands to reason that you would like to have a home that provides some peace. You can find exactly that with the ranch-style homes, contemporary homes, and custom homes that are available throughout Waller.

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Waller TX Horse Property For Sale

Partly in Waller County, and partly in Harris County, one of the nice benefits to Waller TX is the fact that you are only forty-one miles away from Downtown Houston. This is a little further than some of the other communities you can find around Houston, but you’re still talking about a commute that can get you into Downtown Houston in about forty-five minutes. This includes Houston’s famed Inner Loop, the Galleria, Buffalo Bayou, and all other essential Downtown Houston destinations.

Furthermore, the forty-one mile divide between any horse property for sale in Waller allows you to truly soak in the luxury of your home and immediate surroundings. These are homes with gorgeous exteriors, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and all of the modern amenities one might demand. These are homes surrounded by the city of Waller, which boasts excellent schools, local shopping and dining, beautiful parks, police, hospitals, and everything else you may expect from a thriving, diverse community.

Waller continues to offer the acreage and scenic beauty that makes the region so appealing for horse farms and ranches. It isn’t hard to understand Waller’s continuing appeal with potential homeowners.

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"Horse Property For Sale | Waller, TX"