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If you want to live near Houston, and you are also interested in ranch homes for sale, then you are definitely going to want to pay more attention to the potential of Hockley TX. As you can imagine, ranch-style homes can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Regardless of your budget, and regardless of your taste in home styles, you can almost certainly find some ranch-style options that are going to give you everything you ever could have wanted in a place to live.

With Hockley, the benefits of this small town make for an impressive list. Yes, you are going to be within easy access to all points Downtown Houston. However, this is far from the only benefit to living in Hockley that you are going to want to keep in mind. Far more than a means to an end for those seeking an easy Downtown Houston commute, Hockley TX is a wonderful community that has much to offer on its own terms.

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Hockley TX Land For Sale With A Private Lake

Thirty-six miles northwest of Houston, along State Highway 6 and US Highway 290, Hockley is an unincorporated community that is just a few miles from Waller TX. While Hockley is a fairly small place on its own terms, it is still a rich community with scenic beauty, essential amenities, and some of the best schools in the county. The ranch homes for sale in this community will give you easy access to all of these things. At the same time, living in Hockley TX also makes it easy to get to Downtown Houston whenever it is necessary. This includes the Galleria, the Inner Loop, the Energy Corridor, and many more Downtown Houston points.

Surrounded by grain farms and cattle ranches, it is impressive to imagine that Hockley enjoys such a close proximity to everything Downtown Houston has to offer. To be sure, you can find some fantastic ranch homes throughout the region. Many of these homes offer private lake access, which can be ideal for anyone who has ever imagined living with waterfront property. The views throughout Hockley are lovely.

A number of the ranch-style homes for sale in Hockley can be found in the 300, 000 range. At the same time, there are also several properties in the one million dollar range. There are lot sizes and acreage for just about any taste or budget.

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"Private Lake Land For Sale | Hockley, TX"